The ‘Product Passport’ with Insights in both technical and environmental product performance
Smit & zoon just announced the commercial launch of the ‘Smit & zoon Product Passport’; an easy to use overview with data on the performance of Smit & zoon’s wet-end chemicals on both leather and on the environment.

The Smit & zoon Product Passport is the latest tangible evidence of Smit & zoon’s mission to play a catalyzing role in making the leather value chain more sustainable. Marc Smit, 7th generation owner of Smit & zoon says: “The need to achieve traceability of substances throughout the chain is becoming more evident on a daily basis. Transparency is the most important principle for that. That’s why we’ve launched the Product Passport.”

Dirick von Behr, Technical Manager Leather adds: “After several years of analyzing our key wet-end products, we are very pleased that we are now able to share these valuable data with our customers. This broad level of insights into a leather chemical’s performance on leather and especially on a tannery’s waste stream is unique. The Product Passport is another step in the reduction of the leather industry’s footprint.”

Product Passport: the effects of a wet-end chemical on leather and on the environment

To produce high quality leather with a minimal environmental impact, tanneries need to understand the performance and environmental effects of the chemicals. With the Product Passport, Smit & zoon provides them just that. It offers a unique combination of detailed information on the haptic, physical and environmental properties of Smit & zoon’s wet-end chemicals.

Reduce the footprint in the leather value chain

Smit & zoon aims to reduce the footprint of the leather value chain. Its Research team therefore continuously works on improving the uptake of leather chemicals. This reduces the volume of chemicals in the waste water, thus saving tanneries effluent treatment costs and decreasing the negative impact of the tanning process on the environment.

Based on the data in the Smit & zoon Product Passport tanneries are able to choose their wet-end chemicals more wisely. Smit & zoon’s leather technicians are at their service to support in developing the optimal recipes, enabling tanneries to produce beautiful leather while reducing their environmental footprint.

For more information about the Smit & zoon Product Passport, please have a look at the video:

About Smit & zoon
Headquartered in Weesp, The Netherlands, Smit & zoon is a leading global supplier of wet-end and finishing leather chemicals for tanneries. Smit & zoon develops and produces leather chemicals used in the manufacturing of leather for well-known brands of shoes, cars, furniture, clothes and bags. With its focus on innovation and sustainability and a long-term focus, Smit & zoon supports its customers in meeting their current and future needs.

We are proud to Welcome Smit & Zoon as a member on Total Shoe Concept. Visit their company profile here.

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