Total Shoe Concept has been designed and developed by three people who collectively have over 40 years of footwear, materials, components and manufacturing experiences, in many different countries & continents around the world.


We’ve created this web based search tool, built around our experiences and frustrations of trying to find ideal product or component. It’s our mission to connect the global footwear, leather and component industry and make sourcing easier.

Sourcing has always been one of the most important aspects of creating the right product. With growing conscious about where products are manufactured and what kind of materials are used, we feel it is even more important now to select your partners carefully.


To stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies is another part which we feel is highly important, along with keeping up to speed with the fast moving market of the footwear, leather and component industry. However, finding manufacturers that can work with these latest technologies is not always that easy.


Some key benefits of include:

Buyers, Designers & Merchandisers are connected to the manufacturers faster

lead times

Locate specialist products & services

Cost effective for sellers (marketing budget)

Cost effective for buyers (travel costs)

Build a stronger supply network


Our experiences have shown us that visiting exhibitions and spending endless hours on sourcing trips are important, but can be very time consuming and costly.

When we created this website we only wished that something as clear and concise as Total Shoe Concept was available to support us with our pre sourcing trips. This would have helped reduce wasted time and effort browsing the internet or walking the floor at exhibitions and material markets wondering where to begin.


The idea behind this website is to know which suppliers to contact prior to a sourcing trip, tradeshow or supplier visit. Then you are able to contact them before you arrive, saving huge amounts of time, effort, energy and money.

TSC will make it easier to locate suppliers either around your preferred area or around the manufacturing units that you are already working with.


As a company or person trying to market your products or services, Total Shoe Concept is an ideal way to get in touch with potential new clients.