TOTAL SHOE CONCEPT LAUNCHES ONLINE SOURCING TOOL is the new online sourcing tool for the footwear, leather and component supply chain

LONDON, 6 February 2017 – Total Shoe Concept is a B2B fully comprehensive online sourcing tool especially created for the footwear industry. 12 February the site will officially launch.

The website is for companies, buyers and purchasers to find all products and services that they need to make shoes.
Suppliers and individuals can advertise their products and services on a platform that connects the whole industry.

The creators of the site believe the industry needs a tool that grabs the whole market, where you can find specific products and services that you would normally not find in the same place. For example: Shoe Factories, Leather, Textiles, Lasts, Outsoles & Heels, Components, Accessories, High-Tech products, Machinery, and also services like designing, certification and training institutes.

‘We’ve created this web based search tool, built around our experiences and frustrations of trying to find the ideal product or component. It’s our mission to connect the global footwear, leather and component industry and make sourcing easier.’

The maps feature allows you to search for suppliers at a specific location which will make it easier to locate suppliers either around your preferred area, a country, city or an even more specific location.

‘Our marketing tools are designed to gain worldwide exposure. Traffic to our website will come from all over the globe in the footwear, leather and components industry.’

‘We reinvest the majority of the income that’s generated into our company to innovate the website and allocate a large marketing budget to attract buyers and new suppliers’ Using as a sourcing tool is free. Suppliers pay an annual fee of 99 USD to create their company profile.


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