Accelerating growth for meaningful, innovative startups to positively impact the footwear industry.

Waalwijk, The Netherlands – SLEM is initiating an inspiring incubator (SLEMcubate) program to boost startups that intend to create a profitable and meaningful contribution to the footwear and leather industry.

SLEMcubate is a knowledge-based program open to footwear or leather (related) startups. The program involves support in building and fine-tuning business models and value propositions and finding the best product/market combination. The program encourages an intense 3-month acceleration program, fast-track entrepreneurship training, personal development and team building. Access to an extensive network and accommodation at the SLEM campus are included.

SLEM supports startups to expand their business even further after this 3-month period, providing them with a network of mentors. SLEM is also offering an attractive contract at the SLEM campus and the possibility to connect with high-level professionals during the Wet Blue Cafés!

“SLEMcubate will rocket launch innovative game changers, aiming to innovate the Footwear or Leather industry! It’s fantastic to work closely with these creative, innovative ideas out there, waiting to be accelerated in to the markets. With our extent network of industry professionals, I am sure our Incubate attendees will take a major step forward!” said Bob Snijders, Program Director of SLEMcubate.

SLEMcubate is looking for:

  • Potential incubators that have a footwear or leather (related) start-up.
  • Industry professionals that are seeking for a social role to share their experience in the footwear- or leather industry by coaching startups.
  • Network partners from different knowledge fields (accountant, lawyer etc.) that want to build long lasting relationships.
  • Investors that like to stay on the forefront of new developments and that are interested in growing together.

Would you like to know more about SLEM, visit their company profile here

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