Current legislation requires all manufacturers to ensure their footwear passes physical and chemical standards. But finding a company to carry out these tests isn’t so easy, and when you do find companies who do this, how do you know they will do a good job?

Having the right machinery doesn’t necessarily mean they test according the right standards and specifications, so you need to ask who accredited the lab and check what test method or specification they are using and if the testing procedure is done correctly. Also, find out when the lab was last certified and by who. Finally, to be sure, ask for copies of their accreditation certificates.

Anyway, before you go to all the pain of finding a good testing company, we have compiled a list of such companies for you. Some of these companies will even help you create your own bespoke testing specifications if required.

For example, chemical testing can become very costly if you don’t know what to test for. If your shoes ‘fail’ a chemical test then, of course, it’s already too late. Due diligence testing should be done during prototyping and on materials that are going to be used for production.

Working with your supply chain is a sensible approach, by getting them all in line with your testing specifications you can help ensure your finished product won’t fail any tests. So do ensure that you, your supply chain, and other partners, are all working to the same testing specifications to avoid the potential disaster of failing tests!

BLC – UK Visit website

Bureau Veritas – Several locations around the world Visit website

Intertek – Several locations around the world Visit website

Satra – UK Visit website

Tüv Süd – Several locations around the world Visit website

SGS – Several locations around the world Visit website

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