Aeffe machinery is a valued member of Total Shoe Concept offering some exciting cutting, drilling, embossing and snake scaling machines with loads of different options and techniques.

Since the beginning of 2017 they started their new project AEFFE Lab where they welcome stylists, technicians and designers who are interested to understand and learn more about the machines and the software that manages them.

The lab is fully dedicated to the improvement of their machines and training of technicians and designers. It will become an educational centre dedicated to creating innovative leathers and fabrics. ‘We want our customer to catch up on news, learn more about our machines and make sure they exploit our machines potential. We also want to educate and train technicians on the maintenance of the machines.’

They made their top of the range machinery available, the AF LeSyTex, which is their latest jewel even faster and more powerful and can be used on leather, fabric and synthetic material and all the other machines they developed over the years.

But there’s more.

They also offer a sampling service for all those who want to introduce articles, old and new, to their customers.

For those who already know their machines and the articles they produce, they offer the possibility to create small productions.

All those who are interested and eager to discover the new Aeffe lab can visit us directly at our company or contact us by phone or by e-mail.


You can find out more about Aeffe Machinery in their company profile here.

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