Are you a Buyer, Purchaser, Merchandiser, Designer, Agent, Trader or representative of a company looking for products and services related to the component, leather and footwear industry?

At Total Shoe Concept we have developed a website which locates shoe, leather, materials and accessories suppliers for the complete supply chain in just minutes from across the globe.

By using Total Shoe Concept as your sourcing tool we can help reduce those hours of endless searching and disappointments and locate and source the right products you’ve been looking for.


When you create an account you can start using the scratch pad as an extra benefit to your user experience.

The scratch pad will store all the information about suppliers that you would like to remember and is a great assistant into planning your sourcing trip or keeping your suppliers all in one place for future reference.

Whenever you log on to you do not have to go through each search again. It’s exactly where you left it when you last logged out.

It will be like a ‘shopping bag’ with all the supplier details in it that you need. You can send your list of suppliers to yourself, to a friend, print or just save it as a file on your computer.


On top of that we will keep you up to date via our regular newsletters. Your privacy is important to us and we will not use any of your personal details for our own benefit. We won’t spam you and you can always opt out if you feel we are sending you too much e-mail. 



We want your sourcing experience to be quick and easy so you have more time for other important things.

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