Welcome to the Total Shoe Concept Affiliates Programme. Please note our terms of use below:

When you sign up as an affiliate you can create your unique affiliate links through the affiliate dashboard (you will receive your own personal login details once you are an approved affiliate you can have access to the dashboard anytime).

You earn 25% commission per sale. Make sure you create / use your unique link otherwise it is not tracked.

Rules And Notes:

  1. Our affiliate system tracks every time you make a sale. However you are not guaranteed the commission for the sale until after the 14-day refund period.
  2. Any earnings you are owed from sales you make are paid out to your Paypal account or trough another payment method upon request. If a sale is refunded the money will also be deducted of your next payment.
  3. Payments are made quarterly, usually

– Beginning of April (over the months Jan-Mar),

– Beginning of July (over the months Apr, May, Jun),

– Beginning of October (over the months Jul, Aug, Sep),

– Beginning of January (over the months Oct, Nov, Dec)

  1. You cannot purchase the products via your own affiliate link as a means to get a discount. Any commissions generated for your own purchase will be deleted.
  2. When promoting my products and services please be aware of GUIDES CONCERNING USE OF ENDORSEMENTS AND TESTIMONIALS IN ADVERTISING or similar rules for your country. Do not make any claims about specific amounts of money that can be made or number of buyers that they can be connected with or you could get in trouble.
  3. You have to arrange paying your taxes and follow all legal requirements that are in place in your own country as you will work as an affiliate and not as an employee of TSC. You can be a affiliate as a side job and there is no need to stop doing your current businesses.
  4. Do not spam people or offer cash incentives for buying Total Shoe Concepts products.
  5. Our cookie tracking for this affiliate program is set to last 180 days and is set to “last referrer”. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee 100% accurate tracking due to things like cookie blockers, people clearing browser cookies, or using a different browser when purchasing products. We have confidence that in most cases your referrals are tracked accurately.
  6. You can also keep an Excel list of potential customers you contacted and send it to us monthly so if a sale comes through to those without it being linked to the cookie we can still grant your commission. Please note we would have to make separate agreements for this.
  7. If you have any questions or problems, email affiliates@totalshoeconcept.com. Orfor urgent questions send a What’s App to (+44) 749640682.